The Teares of the Musesis directed by first-chair player, Margaret Panofsky, adjunct professor with the N.Y.U. Faculty of Arts and Science Music Department. The Teares of the Muses, part of Margaret’s Viol Program, is made up of proficient musicians from the student body and N.Y.U. community. The consort often adds favorite guest artists from the St. Michael's Choir. Soprano Kathleen Cantrell and organist John Cantrell have performed with the Teares since 2007 when the consort’s residency began at St. Michael’s Church. We welcome Hallie Stotler, alto. The performers have made 17th-century German music a specialty, culminating in the acclaimed CD, Ein Lämmlein. The Teares' second CD, Narození Pána Krista: Christmas Music from 17th Century Bohemia, features the under-appreciated composer, Adam Michna.

“These singers make repeated listening a real pleasure. The viol consort functions impressively as a single entity…. The uplifting quality belongs to a timeless season.”
Viola da Gamba Society of America Newsletter

Our Name

In 1591, the English poet Edmund Spenser published his lengthy poem, The Teares of the Muses (see the full text of the poem). Nine sections—one for each Greek Muse from Clio to Polyhymnia—describe their various sorrows. Here is the opening stanza of the Spenser poem:

Rehearse to me ye sacred Sisters nine:
The golden brood of great Apolloes wit,
Those piteous plaints and sorrowful sad tine,
Which late ye powred forth as ye did sit
Beside the siluer Springs of Helicone,
Making your musick of hart-breaking mone.

The composer Anthony Holborne's substantial collection, Pavans, Galliards, Almains of 1599, contains a lovely galliard titled "The Teares of the Muses."


Margaret Panofsky, viola da gambist

Margaret Panofsky has been a director and faculty member for numerous workshops and has played with many other ensembles. She performs frequently with the St. Michael's Choir. Her New Bass Viol Technique was published in 2012, and an edition of Capricornus’s Ein Lämmlein, co-authored with Kent Underwood, appeared in 2015. Her degrees are from Stanford and the New England Conservatory. She is happy to announce a forthcoming science fantasy novel, The Last Shade Tree, to be published by All Things That Matter Press (

Brand-Young, Christina, viola da gambist

Christina Brandt-Young plays the bass, tenor, and treble viols and has master's degrees in musicology from Northwestern University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. During the day, she is a disability rights attorney.

Brand-Young, Jeremy, viola da gambist

Jeremy Brandt-Young plays both bass and tenor viols and holds a Bachelor of Music in classical saxophone from the North Carolina School of the Arts where he studied under James Houlik and James Kalyn. He currently funds his music addiction as New York Regional VP for a technology security consulting firm.

Ho Chui Wa is pursuing her PhD in ethnomusicology at N.Y.U. Before joining the Teares of the Muses, she was a violist in the early music ensemble at the Chinese University of Hong Kong under the direction of Dr. Greta Olson. She began studying viol with Margaret Panofsky in 2014.

Joel Rust

Joel Rust born in 1989 in London, wrote Flock for the Teares of the Muses, and specifically for this concert. He is studying for a PhD in Composition and Music Theory at N.Y.U. He began his viol studies with Margaret Panofsky in 2015, having previously played cello and jazz bass. His composition work focuses on the human voice, and relationships to natural and man-made environments.

Kathleen Cantrell, soprano

Kathleen Cantrell, soprano soloist at St. Michael's Church, performs regularly with The Teares of the Muses. She sings with the GHOSTLIGHT Chorus, and has appeared with the Choral Arts Society of Louisville, the Louisville Bach Society, and many New York groups. Kathleen is a certified braille music transcriber and holds an M.A. from Case Western Reserve University and a B.M. from the University of Louisville.

Hallie Stotler, contralto

Hallie Stotler is a contralto soloist, music educator, and choral conductor in New York City.  She is the alto soloist at St Michael's Church and sings regularly with GHOSTLIGHT Chorus, an admired NYC chamber choir.  Hallie is a 2014 graduate of Vassar College where she studied voice with Drew Minter.

John Edward Cantrell, organist

John Edward Cantrell, organist with the Teares, is comfortable performing in many genres; he is known to his colleagues as a "musician's musician." From Carnegie Hall to rock arenas, Mr. Cantrell has performed as a pianist, organist and multi- instrumentalist throughout the United States, Ireland, England, and Europe. He is organist and choirmaster at St. Michael’s.